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    Product Name   Price+ 
    Test   $1.00 
 Champion Flat Bench   Champion Flat Bench   $167.99  $139.99 
 Adjustable Curl Bench   Adjustable Curl Bench   $263.99  $219.99 
 Champion Barbell Multi-Bench   Champion Barbell Multi-Bench   $269.99  $224.99 
 Standard Bench Press   Standard Bench Press   $269.99  $224.99 
 Elite Flat Bench   Elite Flat Bench   $275.99  $232.75 
 Adjustable Sit Up Board   Adjustable Sit Up Board   $299.99  $249.99 
 Elite Pressing Chair   Elite Pressing Chair   $299.99  $252.99 
 Field House Competition Bench   Field House Competition Bench   $431.99  $359.99 
 Multibench w/ Wheels   Multibench w/ Wheels   $431.99  $359.99 
 Incline Support Bench w/Spotter Platform   Incline Support Bench w/Spotter Platform   $437.99  $364.99 
 Elite Preacher Curl   Elite Preacher Curl   $479.99  $404.79 
 Multibench w/ Wheels and Spotters Stand   Multibench w/ Wheels and Spotters Stand   $479.99  $399.99 
 Elite Bench Press   Elite Bench Press   $551.99  $465.51 
    Champion Power Lift Platform   $599.99  $499.99 
 Elite Dip, Leg Raise w/ Chin Up   Elite Dip, Leg Raise w/ Chin Up   $719.99  $607.19 
 Elite Multi-Bench   Elite Multi-Bench   $719.99  $607.19 
 Elite Incline Bench   Elite Incline Bench   $767.99  $647.67 
 The Thunder Thruster   The Thunder Thruster   $983.99  $819.99 
 Elite Tricep Pushdown   Elite Tricep Pushdown   $1,043.99  $880.43